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Comprehensive installation of all types of housing & businesses

Makhu Solution Group Electrical is your local Solar & Electrical company service bringing nothing but the best experts in installation of Solar & Electrical services.

Makhu Solution Group Electrical has been providing extremely good services to industrial, commercial and residential services
for over 9 years.

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Our extensive range and expertise ensure that you are always getting what you pay for. We have solutions for all budgets and sizes. From a small household system to a solar plant for your factory.

  • Solar Installation
  • Solar Maintenance
  • Industrial Installation
  • Issuing COC
  • Housing wiring
  • Domestics & Industrial Maintenance
  • Supplying Electrical Material
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Our Clear Vision

We’re dedicated to providing the best value for money generators and we intend on becoming an all-encompassing business supplier in South Africa. Our product range is dynamic and has a model to suit your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become an efficient and effective black empowered supplier, supplying, electrical
components, Electrical Services. We intend on offering our clients the ultimate in satisfactory
service, economically viable and competitive prices yet never compromising on our quality.
Commitment, loyalty and integrity are few core values that will help us realize our mission and build
key relationships with our clients.
To become the preferred office products supplier, consistently meeting the highest expectations of
discerning and demanding customers.


Professional Service

Exceeding customer’s expectations by understanding their business.


Competitive Pricing

Providing competitive and cost-effective solutions combined with new technology and


First Class

Providing first class service being customer centric focused.



Keep Customers updated with specials and new item ranges.

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Value-Added Service

Even if your less into design and more into content many variations client's


Codes & Practices

We know local building codes

and practices.


Problem Solving

Have expertise that can help customers

with problem-solving and troubleshooting




Have capable in-house salespeople to handle questions and expedite orders,
as well as in-house product specialists to answer technical questions.


Always ready

Offer special incentives such as dating, special delivery, training, etc., when a
customer uses us as their main source of electrical supply.

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